Lillo Condello

Music is his world and his life

Lillo Condello is a trained clarinetist and plays saxophone and clarinet as well as bass clarinet and keyboard instruments. It occurs in various formations, with all genres from classical music to folk, pop and rock to jazz. In addition to his work as a composer and arranger, i.a. for the Circus Monti, the Circus Knopf and various variety acts, he works as a music teacher and conductor in Basel. Lillo Condello has composed and arranged most of the music for Sonos4.

Matthias Neugebauer

Life on five Strings

Matthias Neugebauer is a trained cellist and, in addition to electric bass and acoustic bass, also plays guitar and keyboard instruments. His main job is high school music teacher and choir director. He is the bass player of Pat's Big Band and occasionally also plays classical music in chamber music or orchestral formations. In addition to his arrangements for school and the big band, he has already composed several pieces for the band Sonos4 ,